The Knightwind Ensemble raises funds for our performances through ticket sales, member dues, selling advertising space in our concert programs and the generous donations of our Friends sponsorships. Your generous support through donations and program advertising allows us to continue providing high quality concerts that enrich the environment of the community.  Your monetary contributions help offset the costs associated with operating a fine arts organization including: the rental of performance spaces, purchasing exciting new literature, and the ability to buy and maintain needed instruments and equipment. The Knightwind Ensemble is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Chris & Joe Kress

SUSTAINERS $250-$499
Janis & John Hilgers
Steve Ozimek

In Memory Of:
Earl & June Gerard
Marie E. Greene
Fred & Helen Heim

In Memory Of:
Donald Borden

SUPPORTERS $100-$149
Juliane & Stephen Bantz
Jennifer Connelly
Steve & Julie Dorsey
Paul & Sybil Haake

PATRONS $30-$99
Larry & Gwen Bickelhaupt
Frances Connelly
John & Jackie Handzik
Janice Curnes & Mark Tollefsrud

In Memory Of:
Dahris Harrison
Michael Lewis Harrison
“Walkin’ Will” Harrison
Doris Neifeld
Gert & Maury Stern

Friends Sponsorships

♪ Conductor ($500)
♪ Sustainer ($250-$499)
♪ Contributor ($150-$249)
♪ Supporter ($100-$149)
♪ Patron ($30-$99)

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